Welcome to the debut of Living within your Harvest!  Currently things are rather sparse here, but it’s my plan to fill out the bones with information, tips, reviews and resources for small business owners and just about anyone else who lives in the world.  Notice the “small business checklist” tab — it’s an outline of information pertaining to small businesses (and there soon there will be a checklist for personal finance also).  As I blog about various topics, I’ll link the post to the appropriate place in the outline.  Someday it will be fleshed out into a wonderful resource.  In the meantime, read the posts and learn some accounting!  Of course, it can’t just be lesson after lesson — I love accounting, but I doubt I’m in the majority.  My fondness for office products will probably find it’s way here as “reviews”.  And we all need inspiration — as I find it, I’ll share it.  Comments, suggestions and requests from you are very welcome– after all, this blog is for you!