About me

Like most women, it wouldn’t be accurate to say “I’m a certified public accountant” and leave it at that one thing.  We all wear so many hats.  In addition to the usual mother, grandmother, wife, dog caregiver, etc., I think of myself as a creative person.  Some of my happiest times are when I’m working on an art project whether it be mixed media painting, photography or just some crafty little project that I conjured.  But I have to also say, I love my accounting/tax practice.  I am so grateful for all my wonderful clients, and at times I think I must have the most wonderful job.  I’ll reread this during April!!

Being a CPA was a late life decision for me.  My college degree and graduate studies were in Philosophy — not easy to feed yourself and put a roof over your head with Philosophy.  But somehow, accounting has always been a part of my life.  As a child I loved to play office.  My aunt was one of the few small business females during the 50’s.  She owned and managed a beauty salon with about ten operators.  While I wrote checks, filed invoices and anything else she would “let” me do, she gave me tidbits of advice on managing clients and employees.

In high school, I decided to take a college course at night.  The only thing open was accounting 101; I took it.  And so the saga continued with accounting being the means for whatever else was going on in my life at the time.  (and that is a whole other story!)  Twenty plus years ago, I took the thirty hours of accounting required to sit for the CPA exam.  Accounting is my livelihood, and I  enjoy it.

My goal with this blog, is to give back something for everything that accounting has given to me.  If I can provide some useful information in a pleasant and understandable fashion, then I’m accomplishing my goal.  If it’s too “accountant like” and the only thing keeping you awake is your head hitting the screen — let me know, and I’ll try harder.  Some things will be dry and boring — I’ll try to keep those short.

To see my stuffy-side and check out my credentials — visit my business website.

7 responses

  1. This is wonderful…..I need to learn as much as possible…wish I had started a few years ago! thanks for taking the time and energy to put together such a informative site!

  2. LOVE your blog! Valuable information presented in a humorous and easy to understand format. Love the artwork too :>) Keep up the great work!

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